As always, everything dragged on a bit. But now I can say, translation is ready. One last check and it can be published. However, I won’t tackle it for another two or three weeks. When there is more distance between me and the words again. So that it will come to a release date around the end of September.
Actually, I had planned to send the translation to various English-language blogs, and at the same time hoped for that they might help me to discover the last mistakes. But I rejected that. (Although that doesn’t mean that if someone discovers something that he thinks of it is wrong, he shouldn’t tell me, because suddenly I maybe too vain for such things. God forbid, I’m the last one who doesn’t know that the grey mass up there looks like an old chewing gum and at times is quite sticky. Besides, so often is just inflated.) But I remembered that I already did with the second volume “ Anthony Noll and the Secret of the Number „Elf“ when it was released in German. But what, in the end, turned out to be a big mistake. Because, on the one hand, the reader does not really enjoy reading when he constantly is on the hunt for mistakes, so it always comes to a standstill just to note down the mistake, and the thing with the page-turner is lost, and if he does, when he is much too interested in the hunt for mistakes, he no longer has the right angle on the story.
And the young lady who helped me at that time was also sometimes of a difficult character. (But that does not mean that she was evil in the mind, anything but that, I’m also not, and if anyone has a difficult character, it’s definitely me. ? ) In the end, it was not a bouy for our relationship. What is a pity. Also, because the version was not really good at the time and therefore showed too many mistakes. Which one is willing to overlook in a really well-crafted book. (We don’t have to talk about the logic mistakes that can be found in really famous works. Because they don’t make up the work. But if the craftsmanship, the arrangement of the words, the right number, not too few, but above all not too many, shows defects, then it has a negative effect on the overall impression.)
Moreover, when you invite strangers to participate in the process of the book, it often can be misinterpreted to discover supposed mistakes at every corner. Mistakes that are not mistakes at all, and that find their source only in the fact that you would choose different words for the same thing. I know what I’m talking about. I would rewrite the „magic mountain“, even though it is a real masterpiece. So, a correction on my part is not really necessary. And I, at that, actually love him the way he is.
In short, if someone finds mistakes, false commas or even wrong words, if letters have been forgotten but it still makes sense, so that the correction program has not found them, or wrong time, be instead of been, or everything in that direction, he may and should gladly contact me, but the most important thing is always, the fun of reading.
Now I have just to clarify, how things behave with the covers, whether I maybe also can use the German version for the English version, as I own the rights. Which would save me, and Franus in particular, a lot of trouble, because confusion is not possible simply because of the language that is written on and in the specific book
Not to forget, I will publish the first volume in German, as print and e-book a second time, but this version without illustrations. One the one hand, it makes everything cheaper, print and e-book, and on the other, it is considerably less amount of data. A point only concerning the e-book. It shrinks to 5%.
Otherwise, all the best also from Anthony and the others.